The Reverend Evan Hadley was indie-pop band in Portland, OR.  While "The Rev" Evan Hadley has gone on to make other music since, the band "The Reverend Evan Hadley" remained an exclusive entity of the pacific northwest. Fronted by Evan Hadley, members on this recording include Rob Noe on drums, Noah Peterson on sax and Jay Stapleton on guitar.  The bass player, well, let's just say there were a lot of them.  Who can keep track? Other members were Kevin Ferguson, Clifford Koufman, Amor Aggari, Luke McKearn, and a whole slew of bass players.

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The Reverend Evan Hadley

Pop/rock grooves to shake your booty, with a little mellow jam to spread on your romance toast like butter. Like butter baby!

The Reverend Evan Hadley was a rock/pop band performing the in Portland, OR area at some of the eastside's hottest and most respected bars and nightclubs. Evan's good looks and smooth vocals kept many a fan swooning and always made for a hot show. Unfortunately, there is very little recorded material of this group. Members were band leader and front man Evan Hadley on vocals and guitar (nicknamed the Reverend because he became an internet minister to conduct a marriage for some friends), Noah Peterson on sax, Jay Stapleton on guitar and Rob Noe on drums. Other members included Cliff Koufman (original drummer) on percussion, Amor Agarri on percussion and a list of bass players, many bass players. Luke McKearn was by far the favorite, but he left the group to study music shortly after recording the 4 studio cuts on the record and we never really did get the right fit after that. Good times - we hope you enjoy the music we made for years to come.

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