My how the time flies.... really got slammed there for a minute.  It's crawfish season so zydeco has been go, go, go.  Lots of other things just turning into time sucking projects.  Finally worked through a lot of that, still gonna burn some time on one this week.   Weather cancelled some gigs, and then the day turned out lovely.  That always leaves me feeling like I wasted a work day.  But landed some crew work and picked up a loose night in my schedule, booked some more gigs, got a lot done with the new venture so progress, progress, progress.

Kinda of excited about this track I'm working on.  Normally I kick things out pretty fast.  But I've spent a couple sessions on this track.  I keep hearing things to improve.  So, I'm not gonna rush this one.  

But the reason for this post is SACEM.  I wrote them a short time back to see what's going on as I hadn't heard anything.  Rep sends me a forward email from weeks ago that was a response to my initial inquiry with her.   So I had to send some more documents in and now she is submitting my application.  So that's finally happening.  

I'm finding myself in moments of actual happiness. It's nice.  It's different.  Gotta work on the fitness a bit more.  My work isn't as physical of late.  I like to eat, and drink so them calories are adding up.   Anyway, I've got a window of time.  I'm going to get cracking on that track a little!



Finally got around to completing my SACEM membership.  SACEM is an international PRO that collects royalties from many countries around the world.  And seeing as about half of my streaming activity comes from outside the U.S. I'm quite excited to see what the future will bring.  I've been passed on to a new rep to complete my registration.  So... we'll see what happens.


So much for keeping up on the "ol blog...."    Woke up on Friday feeling like myself for the first time in a long time.  Had some fun over the weekend making music and feel motivated to get some things whipped into shape. Including myself.    I think I needed a stretch of time to just unplug.  And I did that.  Slept late, got off my diet fairly regularly, ignored house and business projects, binge watched some old shows on DVD.  Didn't take phone calls, didn't send emails, tried to avoid human interaction as much as possible.   Just did the absolute minimum...    

And it worked!  I feel pretty good. My attitude is improved and I feel a need to do some things.  And there's that comfortable low-level panic in my gut again, "You need work, you need gigs, you need money, there's stuff to do, edit this track, make this video...."    That internal motivation has driven me all of my life.    Not having that there felt alien.  Glad to have it back.  Missed you my old friend!  Although as I look around my office I do have to congratulate myself for keeping up on some things and getting some things done in the midst of my "vacation."  

Vacation is over.  Time to get back to it. 


And life has indeed begun again...  been getting some studio time in.  Getting the old content engine up and running again.  That's nice.  Still a bit under the gun for some paperwork stuff, but I'll get through that pretty quick.   Getting back on the workout routine.  It's been basically Oct 2021 since I did it with any regularity.  Granted for most of 2022 I had a very physical year, but it's not the same thing.  And I ain't gettin' any younger.  It's all about injury prevention and keeping my strength up.  Got a lot of zydeco gigs coming in and even some jazz stuff.  Not sure what to do about the looping thing.  I need some gigs though....

Starting to dive into the synths a bit to understand some of the new toys. Still don't "get" the semi-modular synthesis.  I need to know really what these things do before I can start patching them.  Right now it's just twiddle and listen.  It's fun, but I'd like to know.  

Anyway... got some mixing to get to and some paperwork to work on.



Unintentional on the numbers.   If ever there was change in my life, it's this year.  No PA gigs.  All the gear is gone.  I've transformed my use of technology in my performances and in my studio.  My time is not sold so cheaply these days.   It's nice to get back into the music biz and a little more into the label biz.  This is the year the label really starts.  I've had it but never with enough time to get to it.  I'm starting to get to it. Projects long overdue. Using my content to activate various platforms.  I've been some some advertising and it works.  Gonna do that a lot in 2023.  Gonna make a lot of music.  Gonna sharpen my studio skills, my synth chops and knowledge, and dive into my RC-600.  My loop station show has radically changed. So now's a great time to throw in the new tech.

It's gonna be a crazy year.



In the two months that have gone by....

I've sold my interest in Horrific Pix and Haunted Oaks to my "partners."  Good riddance to that.  The season ended up flat (surprise, surprise) and I basically wasted 9 months of my life for zero return.  Not to mention those relationships are heavily damaged.  But I'm glad of that.  It's good that I got out unscathed.  Overall, I did make some money on the thing.  And I know who not to deal with ever again.  There are worse ways to learn life lessons.  

I've also made the decision to sell my PA gear.  It's about half-gone.  And at this point, I'm non-functional as I no longer have enough equipment to run stuff.  I can still do my solo thing and a jazz band. But that's it.  Couple of powered-speakers and a small mixer will handle that for as long as I care to haul it out.  Got several listings up for lights and gear, but it's going all going away.  Looking forward to having it out of my office!   

The rest of the events for the year were disappointing.  Turn out was small, bar sales were terrible, food sales were terrible, etc...  So what should have been a banner year was crushed by a faltering economy.   Made enough to pay the bills.  I'm grateful for that.   

In looking ahead... I think it's going to be a challenging year.  I'm doing some big shifts personally and professionally.   We'll how it goes.  Seems like change is in the air.  I'm ready for it.  




I do have to say that breakfast was fabulous.  

Since then it's been a lot of walking, a lot of loading, a lot of twists and turns.   I've lost access to my tiktok account as my phone died and I had to get another.  Anyway... new account is https://www.tiktok.com/@texasnoah   Posting event stuff on there...

The sad story of the day is out light trunk rolled over on I-35.  Driver needed some surgery but is okay.  And we have thunderstorms tonight so we're pushing back, well, everything.  So tomorrow is go in late, and stay late.  And so the weekend begins.  

I've been greatly enjoying the work.  It's good to be out working with professionals, getting stuff done, solving problems, and balancing on the tip of of pin.  Connecting with vendors that I haven't seen since spring events and getting some of the old crew hands together.  New faces as well.   Looks like a lot of work between now and 10am Saturday, but it also looks like it should be a beautiful weekend with a beautiful event. 


And the days go flying by...  events, events, events.   Zombiewalk is tomorrow.  Been doing a lot of press releases for National Jazz Festival, and prep for Muertos Fest and SA Veterans Day.  And had a nice gig yesterday at the Airport.   Had a few days to just sit on the couch and recoup.   That was nice. Still could use another week or so of that. But it's pretty much go time.  Go home last night at 10pm.  8:30 meeting pushed to 9. But I'm going to and get breakfast anyhow...


Had a beautiful Saturday. The 2022 Texas LoopFest. Weather was perfect and some very enjoyable performances.  But mostly, I got to sit in a park all day and listen to artists, artists that I handpicked, perform.  Attendance was small.    Stopped in at Pizzeria Vesuvio to see a fine classical guitarist perform. Going to post a clip of that on TikTok today or tomorrow.  

It's been a hard year. I've been stuck in the middle of a lot of things.  Mostly because that's where I put myself.  I like doing things, being involved, getting my hands on stuff.  I don't really care about credit and I don't really want to be running the whole shebang.  I like being in the middle. I get to work with a lot of different groups and for a lot of different clients.   But it ain't always rainbows and unicorns.  I feeeel like there's not a lot of joy in it for me.  But that was a little different Saturday/  The thing about doing community concerts is actually getting involved with the community.  Felt really good to be doing it.  I've missed that in my life.   It's not how I want to live.  

I've spent months in reflection on my life this year.  I feel like I've done it all.  And yeah, it's working. And it's fine, but it is no longer fulfilling to me.   I'm think I'm ready for a change.


Everyday in the wee hours of the morning Bucho the Cat wakes me up.  He wants breakfast.  He walks on me, he licks me, he claws me.  Every morning.  I ignore him as long as possible, I get up to use the bathroom and feed him.    A short while after I fall asleep he comes back to bed, jumps on me and snuggles on my legs.  Sometimes this wakes me up again, sometimes it doesn't.   A short while after that, my wife's alarms start going off.  Yes alarms.  Multiple alarms.  After several snoozes and some fiddling around on her phone, which is on the brightest setting known to man, she gets up and starts to get ready for the day.  She makes breakfast and lunch for the both of us. Maybe does some dishes maybe not, has to do her hair, etc... she also has many, many reminders and notifications beeping on her phone during all of this.   I should go to bed earlier so I don't need to sleep during this time.  

Anyway, when I finally roll out of bed and get my day going I proceed into my office where Bucho the Cat is on my chair. And he protests when I try to move him or share the space.  Inevitably, he will leave at some point and then return. But he jumps on my desk, steps on my keyboard, wants to get on my lap, demands to be petted all while looking cute and purring. 

Anyway.... time to test out some gear.  Turns out the place I got it fixed wasn't so good.  Something to do with meth.....  yay... guess that explains why one of my KAOSS Pads got trashed.    

I almost don't care about the gear.  I'm at a point where I don't want to be hauling sound gear anymore and rarely rent or use my systems.  I think I might sell it.  I've been contemplating it for a while. But I think I'm finally ready to actually do it.  We'll see how the rest of the year plays out.  I think I'm done being a sound guy.  I do admit I'm loathe to get rid of the gear.  But I'm not using it. And it would be nice to be rid of it.  It's big and heavy.