Nothing like a little procrastination to inspire a blog post.  It's nice to not be buried and behind.  Still got some things to do of course…. taxes, house projects, etc… but nothing major and crushing.  Got some projects to get out but there's no rush on that either.   I'm a little antsy to get back to making some synth jams though.  But got some other things to do first.  And I'd really like to get past this nagging cough.   There are things to do and there are things to do.  All in it's own time.

I've been strung along for a couple of event things for a bit now.  I don't like that.  Makes me lose respect for those I'm waiting on.  Makes me less willing to go that extra mile.  I mean, when it comes time for my ask, and I'm completely blown off… what do you think is going to happen when you ask me for even more, again?  I don't like it.  

The recording session didn't go as well as I was hoping.  Although we did lay some good things down.  So it goes.  I prepared the guys and myself as best as I could with the time and budget I had.  It doesn't suck.  That's for sure.  Had a call with the engineer today to pick the takes. So he's gonna start on the mix and we're going to pick the tracks for the CD and the rest will be singles.  Got the artwork done.  My wife loves getting involved with that end of things, I think we came up with a nice cover piece.  Even watched some music documentaries and saw some albums that looked similar and a lot of the shots of the interviews basically were my cover art, so I'm not worried about that.  At least it's somewhat current and hip.  

Should be a good year. Business opportunities are there.  I'm getting some marketing assets for my jazz group. Got a couple of seasonal things to work on, so as long as I don't get my plate too full, I should be able to handle it all without too much stress.

I'm looking forward to writing more jazz tunes, I wanted to explore, a lot, into artist grants, and see what more I can do in that realm.  

I guess we'll see how this post holds up over time.  




I can't believe I haven't written since July… I've certainly though about it.  Here's what today is…..

Just got home from the last gig with the quartet for the recording.  It went very well.  Got one more rehearsal and then it's on.  It should turn out great.   Everyone is taking it very serious.  It's great.  My tunes are popping off.  I love it.  

Things have been life at full speed.  Although the fall event season is officially over.   Got a couple things yet, but it's limited rools so, it's not taking up too much brainpower.   Haven't been able to touch the synths. It's been all jazz.  Really working that thing hard, getting some extra gigs, getting the band ready.  It's coming together even better than I hoped.  That's pretty much ruling my mental space.  We record on Wed.  Lots of other things going on trying to tear into that focus, but I'm not letting it get inside my head.  Just dealing with it as I can and making choices about time spent.  What else can you do?  

Just need to take a minute to get some thoughts out of my head.  What a trip this has been…..


Got a minute to clear the head before jumping back in.....

Practice is going well, really turned some corners on the synth stuff.  Totally got my eyes opened on the Moog and can effectively patch it.  The MS-20 remains a mystery.  It's fun to learn things although I feel like having some knowledge of electronic components and theory will fill the gaps.  

New releases came out today.  Pushed them in the usual spots and some new spots.  As always, we shall see.  

Got a rude phone call from an agent.  All I can think is, wow, you're really bad at this and it's too bad that band has to suffer through your shit bookings because you suck at your job.  But then I'm like, just the usual Austin bullshit, which is why Austin sucks so why am I surprised?   Answer.  I'm not.  I'm just disappointed because you always want the best for the folks you think you might end up working with.  And then I'm all like... sheesh, what's it going to be like to coordinate logistics with this idiot? Answer.  Pass on that band.  Also pretty sure it was their mom.  Guys.... at some point you need to have professionals or handle that shit yourself.  #lame

Speaking of lame, I was going through my music book for my jazz stuff and I'm not happy with it.  And since I have always prided myself on my composing skills, and really only like to record and release original music, I said to myself - just write new stuff.  Duh....  And so I am.  Got the first new tune done and I'm gonna make my guys figure out some of the harder stuff.  They're good tunes and I'm gonna play 'em.   So that's the next chapter.  Composing frenzy....

Haven't heard back on the electro-cumbia (La Raza) mix.  Waiting semi-patiently.  


Oh how fast things change.... Landed the regular Sunday, the Wed postponed due to heat, and blah blah blah.... so goes the struggle.  And, now, with regular gigs, the substitutions have begun.  And it's a small pool of jazz cats down here.   We'll see what happens.  

In other news, I'm continuing the deep dive into becoming a better musician.  I'm keeping up as best as I can with practice.  And that's thing.  I'm really putting time into it.  Just crushing the basics and plan on living there for a while.  I'm also trying to up my knowledge of synthesis.  So... got a book or two, got some videos, beginning that journey.  Already learning some valuable things.  I don't expect this particular journey to ever end.  The real problem is time.  There just ain't enough of it.

I think I have the electro-cumbia track done.  Shipped it off to Zach (O.M.N.I.) to see what he thinks and maybe have him finish off the mix/mastering.    Gotta go... need to have some dinner and spend some time with the wife.   


I tell ya trying to keep up....

Zydeco season is over.  I don't really have much event work and that's okay.  Not missing it.   Also, not much in the way of my solo loop station gigs either.  However, jazz gigs are piling in.  Landed a regular Wed, doing the first of a regular Sunday on Sunday, so hopefully they'll love it and we'll stick that residency.  Booked a handful of one-offs at venues in the area and trying to land a steady Thursday.   I'm also getting practice in.  What a difference that makes.  And I'm getting back to working out.   Although I've got a mystery pain that I need to get checked out.  

Getting some studio time in including release some new tracks and videos for the first time in what seems like ages.  And I've made progress with SACEM although the first pay period came and went with me as a member and no pay came in.  So I've been trying to figure out their processes although most of the stuff is in French so that's slowing me down.  Fired off an email, we'll see what happens from there.   Went around to the usual suspects for registering/claiming works to capture royalties/mechanicals.  That's never a fast turnaround.  Did some recording for some new O.M.N.I. stuff and got a couple more tracks to go on that. 

And I turned on the synths last night for the first time in a long time. That was a fun jam for an hour.  Haven't really been able to sit and mix the new track hip-hop/cumbia track though.  Maybe someday soon.  I'd like to get that out.  It's pretty good.   Kinda caught up on a lot of stuff, so I can start to tackle my pile of paperwork.  After that, it's just keeping up and maybe even make some new music!



My how the time flies.... really got slammed there for a minute.  It's crawfish season so zydeco has been go, go, go.  Lots of other things just turning into time sucking projects.  Finally worked through a lot of that, still gonna burn some time on one this week.   Weather cancelled some gigs, and then the day turned out lovely.  That always leaves me feeling like I wasted a work day.  But landed some crew work and picked up a loose night in my schedule, booked some more gigs, got a lot done with the new venture so progress, progress, progress.

Kinda of excited about this track I'm working on.  Normally I kick things out pretty fast.  But I've spent a couple sessions on this track.  I keep hearing things to improve.  So, I'm not gonna rush this one.  

But the reason for this post is SACEM.  I wrote them a short time back to see what's going on as I hadn't heard anything.  Rep sends me a forward email from weeks ago that was a response to my initial inquiry with her.   So I had to send some more documents in and now she is submitting my application.  So that's finally happening.  

I'm finding myself in moments of actual happiness. It's nice.  It's different.  Gotta work on the fitness a bit more.  My work isn't as physical of late.  I like to eat, and drink so them calories are adding up.   Anyway, I've got a window of time.  I'm going to get cracking on that track a little!



Finally got around to completing my SACEM membership.  SACEM is an international PRO that collects royalties from many countries around the world.  And seeing as about half of my streaming activity comes from outside the U.S. I'm quite excited to see what the future will bring.  I've been passed on to a new rep to complete my registration.  So... we'll see what happens.


So much for keeping up on the "ol blog...."    Woke up on Friday feeling like myself for the first time in a long time.  Had some fun over the weekend making music and feel motivated to get some things whipped into shape. Including myself.    I think I needed a stretch of time to just unplug.  And I did that.  Slept late, got off my diet fairly regularly, ignored house and business projects, binge watched some old shows on DVD.  Didn't take phone calls, didn't send emails, tried to avoid human interaction as much as possible.   Just did the absolute minimum...    

And it worked!  I feel pretty good. My attitude is improved and I feel a need to do some things.  And there's that comfortable low-level panic in my gut again, "You need work, you need gigs, you need money, there's stuff to do, edit this track, make this video...."    That internal motivation has driven me all of my life.    Not having that there felt alien.  Glad to have it back.  Missed you my old friend!  Although as I look around my office I do have to congratulate myself for keeping up on some things and getting some things done in the midst of my "vacation."  

Vacation is over.  Time to get back to it. 


And life has indeed begun again...  been getting some studio time in.  Getting the old content engine up and running again.  That's nice.  Still a bit under the gun for some paperwork stuff, but I'll get through that pretty quick.   Getting back on the workout routine.  It's been basically Oct 2021 since I did it with any regularity.  Granted for most of 2022 I had a very physical year, but it's not the same thing.  And I ain't gettin' any younger.  It's all about injury prevention and keeping my strength up.  Got a lot of zydeco gigs coming in and even some jazz stuff.  Not sure what to do about the looping thing.  I need some gigs though....

Starting to dive into the synths a bit to understand some of the new toys. Still don't "get" the semi-modular synthesis.  I need to know really what these things do before I can start patching them.  Right now it's just twiddle and listen.  It's fun, but I'd like to know.  

Anyway... got some mixing to get to and some paperwork to work on.



Unintentional on the numbers.   If ever there was change in my life, it's this year.  No PA gigs.  All the gear is gone.  I've transformed my use of technology in my performances and in my studio.  My time is not sold so cheaply these days.   It's nice to get back into the music biz and a little more into the label biz.  This is the year the label really starts.  I've had it but never with enough time to get to it.  I'm starting to get to it. Projects long overdue. Using my content to activate various platforms.  I've been some some advertising and it works.  Gonna do that a lot in 2023.  Gonna make a lot of music.  Gonna sharpen my studio skills, my synth chops and knowledge, and dive into my RC-600.  My loop station show has radically changed. So now's a great time to throw in the new tech.

It's gonna be a crazy year.