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Please click on the links for information on venues, artist line-ups, video streaming, times, artist links and video footage from previous festival performances. Here's some videos of the LoopFest artists talking about their gear and their looping/musical style: 2015 LoopFest Tech Talks, 2014 LoopFest Tech Talks.

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Former fests: The Las Vegas LoopFestNW LoopFestRocky Mountain LoopFestSoCal LoopFest (The San Antonio LoopFest & The Austin LoopFest have combined into the Texas LoopFest.)  These are all satellite festivals of the Y2K International Live Looping Festival.  

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2023 Texas LoopFest

American Knowmad, Violoncheloops, Xy!o , The Winkler, Philipp Zuercher, Polysynthfusion, Art Martinez, Loop 918, James Sidlo, Breaking Light,

2022 Texas LoopFest

Thawind Mills, James SidloAlex BennettAlyson Alonzo, Art Martinez, Polysynthfusion, OnivertLynnwood King

2022 Sponsors: SMARTsa

2021 Texas LoopFest

Noches de Live Looping ConcertWidespread NoiseJames SidloPedepleiLiz RuvalcabaThis Is Where Two Oceans MeetThe WinklerThe Josh Glenn ExperimentOnivertLoop 918Noah PetersonPolysynthfusion.

2021 Sponsors: Henretta EngineeringMorley PedalsStrymon EngineeringHotone AudioRed PandaChase Bliss AudioElectro-Faustus

2021 Texas LoopFest Playlist on Spotify

2019 Texas LoopFest Concert Footage:         2019 Texas LoopFest Spotify Playlist

Katie MartinThe WinklerThawind Mills[stagename]Quasar CyclesCarlos RamosBreaking LightRejynaVioloncheloopsPedepleiJimmy LoopsGrooveTronXWidespread NoiseNothing ChiefMarkus KLizeth Ruvalcaba, Daves DeviceJames SidloThis Is Where Two Oceans MeetPolysynthfusionBrian and ChanelDeferlow    

2019 SponsorsOption KnobHenretta EngineeringMorley PedalsD'AddarioElectro-Faustus

2017 NW LoopFest Concert Footage

Noah PetersonStargasmTwenty Three SunsLuthor MaggotWaffle TacoNathan NorthSaundra's Electric NightlifeGordoJohn FirshiPhilophobiaBrothersPlayboy SmoothJessie Davis    

2017 Sponsors - Morley PedalsOption KnobElectro-FaustusD'AddarioHenretta Engineering

2016 NW LoopFest Concert Footage

Tyler Carson, Saundra's Electric Night Life, Professor Slicebox, Arbor Daze, Tim Scallon, Jet Black Pearl, Riley Tyrel Carter, PhiloPhobia, Bodarc Bestvina, litmus0001, Iconoplasty, Mandoman, Rock Forming Mineral, Daves Device

2016 Sponsors - TC-Helicon, Loopinglive, Morley Pedals, Pigtronix

2016 Texas LoopFest

Jame Sidlo, Butch Ross, Momentary Gamelan Ensemble, Lost Son, Deferlow, Breaking Light, Daves Device, The Winkler, Spookstina, Cian, Troll Foot Frass, Arte Sacra Atelier, Xandra Wong 

2016 Sponsors - TC-Helicon, Loopinglive, Morley Pedals, Pigtronix

2016 Southern California LoopFest Concert Footage

Toaster MusicSteuart Liebig, Dustin Carpenter, Ezra Henderson, Mandoman, Andre LaFosse, Noah Peterson, Rejyna, Zack Walters, Portrait XO, Jah's Tin, Group Loop, Modular Synth Demo, DigiTech JamMan Demo, Southern California LoopFest Panel Discussion       

2016 Sponsors - TC-Helicon, Loopinglive, Morley Pedals, Pigtronix, Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at CSULB

2016 Rocky Mountain LoopFest Concert Footage

Josie Quick, Thawind Mills, Robert Matheson, Christopher Ryan, Subtleties, Mister Tim, The Electric Noodle, Noah Peterson

2016 Sponsors - TC-Helicon, Loopinglive, Morley Pedals, Pigtronix, College of Arts and Media at UC Denver

2015 NW LoopFest Concert Footage

Blake DeGrawEric Muhs, The Electric NoodleQuiet HornMark HamburgTroll Foot FrassFreshFXTimothy ScallonSon FishNoah PetersonLexhartMC Space CadetSteve UccelloFrederick BrummerCindy SawpranoWaffle TacothisissamiDaniel J. DavisRiley Tyrel CarterCanzinoChrome Mole MonocleProfessor SliceboxGroup Loop  

2015 SponsorsBeatbuddy

2015 Austin LoopFest Concert Footage

Momentary Gamelan Ensemble, James Sidlo, Michael Garfield, The Josh Glenn Experiment, Jenuine Cello, Lost Son, Aldo Caldo, The Winkler, This Is Where Two Oceans Meet, Audio only for Breaking Light

2015 San Antonio LoopFest Concert Footage

Momentary Gamelan Ensemble, Breaking Light, Michael Garfield, James Sidlo, The Winkler, Lost Son, Jenuine Cello, The Josh Glenn Experiment, This Is Where Two Oceans Meet, Aldo Caldo 

2015 Sponsor: Smartsa

2015 Rocky Mountain LoopFest Concert Footage

Howard Ostrow, Paul Mimlitsch, and Farrell LoweOne Man MobRobert MathesonMister TimMichael GarfieldSubtletiesBen the Sax GuyJust AllianceChris Poissant

2015 SoCal LoopFest Concert Footage

Cabezas de CeraEntertainment for the Brain Dead, Steve Moyes, Noah PetersonZack Walters, Shores of LatencyRejyna, Son FishCian, ecnegrUAlissa Vox Raw, FreshFX, Josh Elliott, Robert Matheson, The Electric Noodle

2015 NW LoopFest Concert Footage

Blake DeGraw, Eric Muhs, Group Loop, The Electric Noodle, Chrome Mole Monocle, Quiet Horn, Mark Hamburg, Troll Foot FrassFreshFX,Timothy Scallon, Son Fish, Noah Peterson, Lexhart 

2014 NW LoopFest Concert Footage

Mark Hamburg, Jean-Paul De Roover, Lucid Brain Integrative Project, Richie Dagger's Crime, Daniel J. DavisCianMandomanMr. TimRejynaPer BoysenTed KillianEric BuchnerDavid Kollar and Paola RaineriJust AllianceConsumerthisissamiNoah Peterson, Noise Agency

2014 Las Vegas LoopFest Concert Footage

Noah Peterson, Red Grooves, Daniel Park, Jean-Paul De Roover

2014 San Antonio LoopFest Concert Footage

Noah PetersonJoe TrevinoJosh GlennJust AllianceMike WhyJames SidloFreshFX, The Winkler, Cian     

2014 SponsorsSmartsaBlue Moon Beer

 2014 Austin LoopFest Concert Footage

Just Alliance, SaulPaul, Mike Why, Cian, Michael Garfield, FreshFX, The Winkler

2014 SoCal LoopFest Concert Footage

Noah PetersonRejyna, Sander Roscoe WolffMike WhyPer Boysenriz orkestraMandoman, Jeff Kaiser, CianJean-Paul De RooverStrictly AlbertDaniel ParkSuper Tall Paul NewmanZack WaltersANIJust Alliance

2013 NW LoopFest Concert Footage

Noah Peterson, Lucid Brain Integrative ProjectConsumerBen Beauvais, Polemic ContriverEastside Industrial, Tukso OkeyRejyna Douglass-WhitmanANI,Stephen Briggs, Bill WalkerGideon Freudmann, Forever Growing, MoongriffinCellotronikIsaac ThompsonChristopher IngoldClifford DunnEric MuhsThe Genie

2013 San Antonio LoopFest Concert Footage

Aotearoa, Joe Trevino, Xylo, Noah Peterson, James SidloSaulPaulKBeeta, PyroplasticFlow, Captain of the AM, Artificial Earth Machine