THE Texas LoopFesT

The Texas LoopFest features local, regional, and (occasionally) international artists. It is open to all genres and technologies that using looping techniques. 

What is live looping?  Live looping is artists using hardware/software technologies to instantly record and playback sound.  Born from the experimental efforts of early pioneers with magnetic tape and sound recording devices, "Loopers" have expanded into every music genre and into performance art. What I have assembled at this festival are performers who are passionate and serious about their music and their technology.  They are there for you to enjoy and appreciate.  Support them, buy a recording, make a donation below.  We hope you'll come on board and see how incredible looping is.   


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Texas LoopFest Spotify Playlist

    Concert footage of previous festivals

2023 Texas LoopFest

American Knowmad, Violoncheloops, Xy!o , The Winkler, Philipp Zuercher, Polysynthfusion, Art Martinez, Loop 918, James Sidlo, Breaking Light,

2023 Sponsors: SMARTsa, Chase Bliss Audio, JHS Pedals

2022 Texas LoopFest

Thawind Mills, James SidloAlex BennettAlyson Alonzo, Art Martinez, Polysynthfusion, OnivertLynnwood King

2022 Sponsors: SMARTsa

2021 Texas LoopFest

Noches de Live Looping ConcertWidespread NoiseJames SidloPedepleiLiz RuvalcabaThis Is Where Two Oceans MeetThe WinklerThe Josh Glenn ExperimentOnivertLoop 918Noah PetersonPolysynthfusion.

2021 Sponsors: Henretta EngineeringMorley PedalsStrymon EngineeringHotone AudioRed PandaChase Bliss AudioElectro-Faustus

2021 Texas LoopFest Playlist on Spotify

2019 Texas LoopFest

Katie Martin, The Winkler, Thawind Mills, [stagename], Quasar CyclesCarlos Ramos, Breaking LightRejynaVioloncheloopsPedeplei, Jimmy Loops, GrooveTronX, Widespread Noise, Nothing Chief, Markus K, Lizeth RuvalcabaDaves Device, James Sidlo, This Is Where Two Oceans Meet, Polysynthfusion, Brian and Chanel, Deferlow    

2019 Sponsors - Option Knob, Henretta Engineering, Morley Pedals, D'Addario, Electro-Faustus

2019 Texas LoopFest Playlist on Spotify

2016 Texas LoopFest

Jame Sidlo, Butch Ross, Momentary Gamelan Ensemble, Lost Son, Deferlow,Breaking Light, Daves Device, The Winkler, Spookstina, Cian, Troll Foot Frass, Arte Sacra Atelier, Xandra Wong       

2016 Sponsors - TC-Helicon, Loopinglive, Morley Pedals, Pigtronix

2015 San Antonio LoopFest Concert Footage:

Momentary Gamelan Ensemble, Breaking Light, Michael Garfield, James Sidlo, The Winkler, Lost Son, Jenuine Cello, The Josh Glenn Experiment, This Is Where Two Oceans Meet, Aldo Caldo        

2015 Sponsor: Smartsa

2015 Austin LoopFest Concert Footage:

Momentary Gamelan Ensemble, James Sidlo, Michael GarfieldLost SonThe Winkler, Aldo Caldo, Jenuine Cello, The Josh Glenn ExperimentThis Is Where Two Oceans Meet

2014 San Antonio LoopFest Concert Footage:

Noah PetersonJoe Trevino, Josh Glenn, Just Alliance, Mike Why, James Sidlo, FreshFX, The Winkler, Cian     

2014 Sponsors: Smartsa, Blue Moon Beer

 2014 Austin LoopFest Concert Footage:

Just Alliance, SaulPaul, Mike Why, Cian, Michael Garfield, FreshFX, The Winkler

2013 San Antonio LoopFest Concert Footage:

Aotearoa, Joe Trevino, Xylo, Noah Peterson, James Sidlo, SaulPaul, KBeeta, PyroplasticFlow, Captain of the AM, Artificial Earth Machine

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