La Chichada ScreamsAnthony GarciaLa Chichada Rock Arte

La Chichada is San Antonio's dark, heavy, Rock Arte band.  Led by Anthony Garcia, a somewhat reformed punk rocker, this band is dramatic, animated, and epic.  Droning guitar, insistent rhythms, and electrified saxophone are the dazzling sounds that will rock your ears off. 

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They have been featured performers for Maverick Music Festival, UNAM, and Solar Fest.  They maintain a calendar of awesome rock shows with other great San Antonio bands including Bigwood, Lotus Revolver, HogBitch, Man Eaters of Tsavo, and many more at venues such as The Mix, The Ten Eleven, Brick @ Blue Star, Beer Depot, Jack's Bar & Grill, J & O's Cantina, Ranger Creek Brewery, and others.

You can get their debut release "Rock Arte" by clicking here!