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Since 1994, Peterson Entertainment has been in the music business.  From our beginnings as a booking agency in Portland, OR we have expanded into concert programming, festival and special event production, and are a boutique record label currently located in San Antonio, TX.  We produce events regionally, put our music out globally, and serve our local and international clients with an emphasis on excellence and fun.  Contact us today for your event needs.

NEWS -  9/14

Texas LoopFest Applications are now open!   Oct 8th, San Antonio, TX.

9/23 - Noah Peterson at Jazz Alive with the Music Circle

Music Schedule for Pizzeria Vesuvio: 1110 S. Alamo, SATX

Sept 16: 8-10pm Jeph Duarte

Sept 17: 8-10pm Katrina Curtiss

Sept 23: 8-10pm Stephen Perricone

Sept 24: 8-10pm Katrina Curtiss

Sept 30: 8-10pm Roy Knowles

Oct 1: 8-10pm Zach Beckwith 

New videos up from the Texas LoopFest for the Josh Glenn Experiment

New Video from O.M.N.I. -  The Battle is Won Triumphantly, but Jonesy Dies a Hero While Saving Laniru's Life

New video from No Ordinary Life - Taken Back

New release from Noah Peterson - Pressure Cooker

New release from Widespread Noise - Paradise Surrounds Us

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