Peterson Entertainment, llc works diligently to produce meaningful and culturally relevant recordings, concerts, video and creative media.  Our recordings are critically recognized for their quality and have been broadcast across the globe, our concert events are produced mostly in central Texas, although we do work out of state.

Patrons are vitally important to creating and promoting these efforts. And there are a variety of ways you can help.

  1. Host a house-concert
  2. Hire our artists to perform for your company, event or festival
  3. Commission music for your company
  4. Listen to our music online
  5. Watch our videos on our YouTube channel.
  6. Sponsor a performance at a hospital, an assisted living facility, or for a charity fundraiser event
  7. Sponsor our educational program, "Imagine: Music!" for school performances
  8. Cash donations
  9. Service gifts (airplane tickets, hotel vouchers, office supplies, recording fees, advertising materials)
  10. Become a participating sponsor for The Texas LoopFest, our concert series, or artist tours.

For those able to advance the cause of music in the world, Peterson Entertainment, llc has a number of projects needing support. Your gifts, small or large, do wonders to help us give the world the best music we can.

For more information on getting involved with these projects please contact us today.

Direct Donations can be sent to:

                           Peterson Entertainment, Llc
                           999 East Basse Road #180-117
                           San Antonio, Texas 78209

Or give online below - just click the Paypal button!

Past Patron Supported Projects:

The Texas LoopFest - A music and technology performance art fest supported by equipment manufacturing companies, City departments, and non-profit organizations. 

Roots in the Shadows of San Antonio Vol I & Vol II - Fan funded rock and roll compilations of of San Antonio bands.

The Please Help - Fan funded space rock.

Noah Peterson's "Live At Marylhurst Drive" Tom Irey sponsored the recording and served as the art director for this very special collaboration.  

Emmett Wheatfall's "Them Poetry Blues" Funded in part by the Regional Arts and Culture Council of Portland, OR.