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Acqua Sacra - Avant Garde/blues featuring Franceso Perdona

Christmas for Everyone - A compilation of original Christmas songs.

Cosmic Dust - Jazz fusion from bandleader Jim Templeton

Def Space - Indie rock

DJ Law - EDM/Hiphop

Dr. Wax and SaxDJ Law and Noah Peterson are "Dr. Wax & Sax" a dynamic duo of soul, funk, hip-hop, electro, and more

Emmett Wheatfall  - Poetry and Spoken word set inside various music genres: Jazz, blues, gospel

Four Horseman - Poetry and music set to Bible verses

GrooveTronX - Nu Jazz / Deep House 

Grunglefunk - Jamband ridiculousness

Irie Impressions - Roots Reggae

Julie Good - Christmas single

La Chichada - Rock Arte

Lazarus Rose - Christian Rock

Luna - Compilation of various tracks: techno, reggaeton, EDM, etc...

Miles Ahead - Modal Jazz 

No Ordinary Life - Synthwave/Electronic

Noah Peterson - Multi-genre Saxophonist and Loop Station Artist

O.M.N.I. - Electro-dub, sci-fi, reggae, dub, psychedelic funk

Psychics - Art Rock

River Barons - Alt-country / South Texas Rock

Royal Punisher - Heavy Jazz

Shit City Dream Girls - Art Rock

The Please Help - Garage Rock

The Reverend Evan Hadley - Indie Pop

Tip the Band - Americana

West Kings Highway - Easy Listening / Adult Contemporary

Widespread Noise - Noise / Electronic / Electro-art music

1.0 - Art Rock