Peterson Entertainment, Llc presents the music of Phil Luna.  Here are various works of Phil's early years. Click on any album to take you to a Spotify playlist.

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Royal Punisher, San Antonio's favorite jazz band (voted BEST JAZZ ACT IN SAN ANTONIO 2010, 2013,2014 by the reader's of the San Antonio Current,) is breaking new ground with "Bullets for Breakfast." Their debut record is long overdue for their fans and critics alike. After 6 years of hard-driving jazz-rock-fusion, this creative collective has finally spent enough time in the studio to crank out 34 minutes of highly improvisational, experimental, chromatic chaos.

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Royal Punisher         

Steve Garcia - Sax
Don Robin - Guitar
Phil Luna - Bass
Kory Cook - Drums

The Please Help explores imaginary but more or less plausible (or at least non supernatural) content such as future settings, futuristic science and technology, space travel, aliens, rocket ships, paranormal abilities, regret, loss and love.  The Please Help self-titled LP was written by Phillip Luna from 2010 to 2013 and recorded and produced by Brant Lee Sankey at BLS Studio in 2014. This debut album combines all the influences of his previous musical projects into one focused mature well written artistic adventure for all ages and lovers of all music genres. With themes of love, outerspace, human interaction and more love, The Please Help LP is an album to be left on repeat and shared with friends around the globe.

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The Please Help

Commercial is a collection of music written and recorded by Phil Luna. This is not a complete project per say, but rather a showcasing of other talents.  This music includes forays into reggaeton, electronic, and other genres not normally associated with Phil and his bands. Some of the creations were used in commercials, hence the album title. 

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Luna: Commercial

The Four Horsemen composed by Phillip Luna is based on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as described in the Book of Revelations. a musical interpretation of pestilence, war, famine and death and uses much of the numerology from the passage in the "math" of the composition.....was written for Alex Rubios Four Horsemen paintings and debuted live at the Witte Museum for Rubios opening and later were on audio display at San Antonio Museum of Art where the CDs were available for purchase in the SAMA gift shop.

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Four Horsemen

Artwork by Alex Rubio
Narrator: Sonny Jean Luna
Piano, Synth, Drums: Phillip Luna
Violin: Bob Jimenez
Guitar: Chris Langtot
Sax: Estevan Garcia
Bass: Stephen Reyna

Def Space - released a single "What's up with Us" written and performed by Phil Luna.

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Def Space

Worm and 1.0 - From deep within the dusty bowels of San Antonio, Texas one of the fiercest and most rocking bands from the serious and heavy metal scene has crawled it's way back into the light.  Worm (aka 1.0) has finally released a compilation of their best recorded material on this self-titled album "Worm."    "Killer" is the only release from 1.0 which is little more than an iteration of Worm. 

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Worm and 1.01.0 Killer
Phillip Luna - Vocals, Guitar
Jerry Rincon - Bass
Leighton Mann - Guitar
Paul Cisneros - Guitar
Jason Garner - Drums
Roland Robles - Drums
Ken Robinson - Drums

Psychics - Garage Jazz/Rock trio featuring members of Shit City Dream Girls. This band was highly regarded in the San Antonio art scene.  Members include Phillip Luna, Estevan Garcia.

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Shit City Dream Girls; the legendary space-rock band from San Antonio Texas. Recorded raw and live with inspiration from synthesizers and Jack Daniels. After all how many bands are mentioned in the Urban Dictionary?

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