"Roots in the Shadows of San Antonio" is a FREE music compilation created by Phillip Luna and Jason Trevino featuring thirteen San Antonio bands that have been playing the same SA stages together for over twenty five years. These are the “roots” of the current SA music scene. All the featured bands are still currently writing, recording and performing in SA.

Here's concert footage from our first fundraising concert at the 1906 Gallery: YouTube Playlist

                  Performers: La Chichada, West Kings Highway, Sam Villela, Mike Ryan, King Pelican, Los #3 Dinners, Royal Punisher.

Participating bands:  The Whiskey Ships, The Rosedale Highs, Apache ’65, Fear SnakefaceThe Please Help, Garrett T. Capps, Douglas Miles Clark, I Ching Gatos, Nat’l Parks, Puppy Jet, King Pelican, Snowbyrd and The Man Eaters of Tsavo.

Download your free copy here