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Miles Ahead

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Miles Ahead suspends time and takes their audiences into the land of the groove, rhythmic magic recreating atmospheres to engulf you in the true jazz experience.

Miles Ahead, a hot, adventuresome quintet, plays Jazz. Not smooth jazz, not fusion jazz, not new jazz, not acid jazz, just Jazz. Leading with great original compositions, they follow up with a mixed bag of jazz favorites. Touching and embracing influences from all the great jazz styles, the group bobs and weaves musically like a great cat on the prowl. Creating something new and fresh yet firmly in the jazz tradition.

Miles Ahead takes their name and their desire to push the boundaries of musical excellence from the legendary Miles Davis. However, this band is no weak homage or cliche ridden cover group. The group doesn't even have a trumpet player. The musicians are bright new voices, creating new music, extending new vistas in jazz.

The talented members of the award-winning group perform with a grace and power that enrapt their audience. Taking their listeners with them as they explore the many lush and vibrant landscapes that define the worlds of jazz; Miles Ahead creates and experience that touches all lovers of this great music.

Noah Peterson plays Sax. Gordon Neal Herman plays Piano. Jay Stapleton plays Guitar. James Ormond plays Bass. Rick Maier plays Drums. Together their interplay creates performances, which are always superb and always unique.

All of the band memebrs are also composers. It is rare when a group can list five great performers; it is truly special when they have five writers creating such delightfully original music. Their live performance features a balance of structure and improvisation that touches every audience.

Their debut release, Milepost 1, is receiving airplay on jazz radio stations nationwide. Their CD features six of the bands original compostions. Their songs have been a natural fit for jazz programming as they nicely spice up radio waves with music that fits right in with the best jazz has to offer.

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