WormFrom deep within the dusty bowels of San Antonio, Texas one of the fiercest and most rocking bands from the serious and heavy metal scene has crawled it's way back into the light.  Worm (aka 1.0) has finally released a compilation of their best recorded material on this self-titled album "Worm." 



Youtube Playlist for Worm/1.0 is here                     Spotify playlist is here

Phillip Luna -Vocals, Guitar
Phillip Luna was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1972. He currently lives and works as a   full time artist/musician in San Antonio. He is self-taught and has over twenty five years experience in visual art and music composition/performance.

Phillip has consistently created art and music that examines how we as individuals really feel inside. His art is the voice he uses to answer the question: “How do you feel?” Phillip has struggled with bi-polar disorder, hypo-mania, mania, depression and social anxiety most of his life, as a result, each artistic or musical experience is unique by design and unique in their results.

Luna is a multi-instrumentalist currently performing with bands Please Help!, Royal Punisher and Fear Snakeface. His former music projects include Worm and Shit City Dreamgirls. He has also written original music compositions for internet, theater, films, artists and multimedia collaborations.

Phillip is a father to three children Sonny Jean, Noah Phillip, and Violet Song. He and his wife, Blanca, are active members at the Circle School.  Phillip Luna is a dim light in a very dark place.   www.phillipluna.com

Jerry Rincon - Bass
Jerry and Phillip attended high school together and continue to perform in Please Help! Jerry lives with his wife and daughter and is a popular wine specialist in Austin, Texas. Facebook

Leighton Mann - Guitar
Leighton Mann was the original guitarist for Worm. Leighton was the founding member of Chapstik, which started in San Antonio. Leighton is now based out of Ann Arbor and plays guitar for The Meatmen.
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Paul Cisneros - Guitar
Paul joined Worm while still in high school. Paul is now an international photographer.

Jason Garner - Drums
Jason and Phillip met in high school marching band in San Antonio, Texas. Jason appears on the first recording of Worm. Jason continues to play drums and is currently on tour with Polyphonic Spree. Jason resides in Dallas, Texas and is a member of I Love Math (with John Dufilho another San Antonio native), The Paper Chase (2006-2010), The Deathray Davies, Bedwetter (2000 - members of Thirteen and Big Drag), Thirteen.
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Roland Robles - Drums
Roland is a native of San Antonio and was an early member of Evil Mothers. He played a majority of Worm shows. Roland now lives in Oakland California and runs popular food trucks.
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Ken Robinson - Drums
Ken is a popular long-time drummer in San Antonio. He has performed hundreds of shows and played in dozens of bands.