The Rocky Mountain LoopFest

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2017/2018 Sponsors


Concert footage of previous festivals

2016 Rocky Mountain LoopFest Concert Footage

Josie Quick, Thawind Mills, Robert Matheson, Christopher Ryan, Subtleties, Mister Tim, The Electric Noodle, Noah Peterson        2016 Sponsors - TC-Helicon, Loopinglive, Morley Pedals, Pigtronix, College of Arts and Media at UC Denver

2015 Rocky Mountain LoopFest Concert Footage

Howard Ostrow, Paul Mimlitsch, and Farrell Lowe, One Man Mob, Robert Matheson, Mister Tim, Michael Garfield, SubtletiesBen the Sax Guy, Just Alliance, Chris Poissant

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Official Satellite of the Y2K International Live Looping Festival

What's What:  What is live looping?  Live looping is artists using hardware/software technologies to instantly record and playback sound.  Born from the experimental efforts of early pioneers with magnetic tape and sound recording devices, "Loopers" have expanded into every music genre and into performance art. What I have assembled at this festival are performers who are passionate and serious about their music and their technology.  They are there for you to enjoy and appreciate.  Support them, buy a recording, make a donation below.  We hope you'll come on board and see how incredible looping is.