Lessons to You!

Music is fun, music is cool, music is challenging.

Music Lessons in the privacy of your home where your student feels comfortable. A familiar environment helps to begin the routine of practice. And there's the convenience of not having another stop in your already busy life.

Music is a great way to help develop young minds.  Students who study and practice music have better cognitive, math, and critical thinking skills.  Music teaches discipline, creativity, and personal initiative. 

Noah Peterson is a professional musician with over 20 years experience teaching, performing, composing, producing records, touring, and promoting music.  His recordings have been broadcast across the globe, he tours his one-man-band show, the "Solo Sax Sessions" throughout the U.S., and performs with bands in Texas.  Noah was in the U.S. Marine Field Band and has a B.A in music composition.

Lessons are taught for students K-12  on Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet.  Subjects taught include: basic musicianship, playing techniques, theory, improvisation, sight reading, and technical skills.  Lesson plans are customized for every individual student based on their abilities and needs.

Advanced students (college students or adults) on saxophone only.

Cost effective, convenient, dependable, and professional.  Lessons to You!  Call today to talk about your musician's needs.  503-703-9516

Rates are $35 an hour with weekly lessons.  (Pro-rated rates are available for lessons that are re-scheduled in advance.  Cancellations less than three days in advance are not eligible for pro-rated rates.)