2016 Southern California LoopFest

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 2016 Southern California LoopFest Concert Footage

Toaster MusicSteuart Liebig ,Dustin Carpenter, Ezra Henderson, Mandoman, Andre LaFosse, Noah Peterson, Rejyna, Portrait XOGroup Loop ,Modular Synth Demo, DigiTech JamMan Demo, Southern California LoopFest Panel Discussion        2016 Sponsors - TC-Helicon, Loopinglive, Morley Pedals, Pigtronix, Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at CSULB


Jah's Tin - San Francisco, CA 6:30
Ezra Henderson - San Luis Obispo, CA 7:15
Zack Walters - Long Beach, CA 8pm

Performing Artists

Andre La Fosse from Los Angeles, CA - Andre LaFosse calls his live performance style 'turntablist guitar.' Using digital looping technology, he chops up and reconfigures his live guitar playing like a DJ scratches a recording. The sound that comes out lands somewhere between funk, hip-hop, avant-garde, and glitch.

Jah's Tin from San Francisco, CA - Jah's Tin's music is a Live Looped mix of Synthesizer inspired electronic music with hip-hop beats and haunting vocals, conjuring a caucophony of digital waveforms that both entrance the mind and move the body.  Hailing from San Francisco, CA, Jah's Tin has been working the last 10 years to create spontaneous and improvised performances that represent the energy and culture of our current era.

Mandoman from Osaka, Japan - Hideki Nakanishi is a luthier and ambient looper from Osaka, Japan. His otherworldly loops are created from his own handmade mandolins. His music evokes stillness, beauty, and seriousness. While somewhat tonal at times, Hideki builds epic layers of effects to create huge washes of sounds.

Rejyna from Burbank CA - Voice, guitar, synth guitar and drums woven into a full band sound from one human using multiple Digitech JamMan Solo XT loopers. Prog, rock, and folk styles with a little hint of World and Symphonic metal - all original, all live and very loopy.

Ezra Henderson from San Luis Obispo, CA - (no description submitted)

Steuart Liebig from Los Angeles, CA - some sort of live bass + applied tools/tech + looping.

P◊RTRAIT XO from Los Angeles, CA - Mixed bag of live-producing and layering songs to triggering clips and improvising over layers.

Dustin Carpenter from Modesto, CA - A hybrid of digital and analog synthesis, a soundscape of contemplation and reflection, reaching for cosmic belief systems and multidimensional properties.

Toaster Music from Long Beach, CA - Toaster Music has a long history of performing improvised electronic music. Using costumes, video projections, and midi-synced looping, the group creates evolving musical soundscapes that range from quiet ambience to beat driven rage. The group has, for the last several years, also collaborated with the dancers of Maha and Company, who add to the beauty and excitement of every Toaster Music performance. The group has recently created a tribute to infamous cinematic auteur, David Lynch, prior to a screening of his seminal film, Eraserhead, at the Sunnyside Cemetery. They've also performed in front of thousands at the annual Long Beach Zombie and Music Festival, have a monthly residency at the Expo Arts Center, and have performed at events throughout Southern California.

Noah Peterson from San Antonio, TX - This show is a presentation of original music arranged for sax and loop station.  Funky jams, bluesy grooves, and tropical tunes are cleverly stacked before your very ears as you witness a hot, funky, mess of music - it's Sax-a-loop-a-Liscious!

Zack Walters from Long Beach, CA -  looping songs from his band 3rd Alley.

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What's What?

What is live looping?  Live looping is artists using hardware/software technologies to instantly record and playback sound.  Born from the experimental efforts of early pioneers with magnetic tape and sound recording devices, "Loopers" have expanded into every music genre and into performance art. What I have assembled at this festival are performers who are passionate and serious about their music and their technology.  They are there for you to enjoy and appreciate.  Support them, buy a recording, make a donation below.  We hope you'll come on board and see how incredible looping is. 

2015 SoCal LoopFest Concert Footage

Entertainment for the Brain Dead, Steve Moyes, Noah Peterson, Cian, Cabezas de Cera, Robert Matheson, Zack WaltersSon Fish, Shores of Latency, ecnegrURejyna, Josh ElliottAlissa Vox Raw, FreshFX, The Electric Noodle

2014 SoCal LoopFest Concert Footage

Noah Peterson, Rejyna, Sander Roscoe Wolff, Mike Why, Per Boysen, riz orkestra, Mandoman, Jeff Kaiser, CianJean-Paul De Roover, Strictly Albert, Daniel Park, Super Tall Paul Newman, Zack Walters, ANI, Just Alliance

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