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Since 1994, Peterson Entertainment has been in the music business.  From our beginnings as a booking agency in Portland, OR we have expanded into concert programming, event production, video production, live streaming, artist development, consulting, festival and special event production, and are a boutique record label currently located in San Antonio, TX.  We produce events and tour our artists throughout the United States, we serve local and international clients with an emphasis on excellence and fun.

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News: 6/30

West Kings Highway at Sancho's on Friday - 7 to 9pm

Solo Sax Sessions on tour:

  • June 30th at the Anchor Bistro and Bar in Twin Falls, Idaho
  • July 2nd King Farmers Market, Portland, OR

Noah Peterson "Two Ports Down"

Noah Peterson "Slow and Dirty"

 Noah Peterson "Sunshine and Smiles"

 Irie Impressions: Mr. Garvey Says

 Noah Peterson was dispatched to NAMM  - here's the video:

 O.M.N.I. - Elite Soldiers of the Berdan Army


 Sponsors for the LoopFests are in!


New videos: Noah Peterson "Two Ports Down"

Noah Peterson: Sunshine and Smiles

Irie Impressions: Mr Garvey Says

Luna "Love Nest" from Commercial

Luna "Paradise" from Commercial

Luna "Red"from Commercial

Luna "Regeton" from Commercial

GrooveTron-X: The Ride - live


Friday Nights - West Kings Highway at Sancho's Cantina -- 801 S. Jackson, San Antonio, 7-9pm

First Friday - West Kings Highway at Southtown 101 -- 101 Pereida, San Antonio, 8-11pm

Artists & Bands

GrooveTron-X: Livetronica

Noah Peterson: Saxophonist and composer

O.M.N.I:  Recording collaboration of ear candy.

Solo Sax Sessions: A innovative, one-man avalanche of technology and music

West Kings Highway: Easy listening and smooth jazz.

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