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Since 1994, Peterson Entertainment has been in the music business.  From our beginnings as a booking agency in Portland, OR we have expanded into concert programming, event production, video production, live streaming, artist development, consulting, festival and special event production, and are a boutique record label currently located in San Antonio, TX.  We produce events regionally, put our music out globally, and serve our local and international clients with an emphasis on excellence and fun.

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News: 4/18

Fri - Solo Sax Sessions @ Sanchos, 7pm 628 Jackson Street

Sat - West Kings Highway @ Fiesta Castle Hills, 1pm

Sun - West Kings Highway @ Fiesta Arts Fair, noon

Sun - GrooveTronX @ Fiesta Arts Fair, 2:30pm

Mon - Solo Sax Sessions @ San Antonio Airport, 12:30pm

Tues - Solo Sax Sessions @Fiesta de Los Reyes, 11:30am

Thur - Solo Sax Sessions @ Family Fiesta, 5pm

Thur - GrooveTronX @ Halcyon, 9pm

Fri - West Kings Highway @ Sanchos, 7pm 628 Jackson Street

Sat - King William Fair

Widespread Noise; Meditations

We are proud to announce the signing of Rudi Harst to the Peterson Entertainment, llc family!  Stayed tuned for back catalog releases of Rudi along with videos.  In the meantime: check out his music on Spotify!

 GrooveTronx Fiesta


Noah Peterson

Widespread Noise: The Depths Are Not So Quiet


New Videos:

GrooveTronX - Jam Skate

Noah Peterson - Anxiety

Noah Peterson - Champagne Kisses


1st Friday - West Kings Highway at Southtown 101 -- 101 Pereida, San Antonio, 8pm

Fridays Nights - West Kings Highway at Sancho's Cantina -- 801 S. Jackson, San Antonio, 7pm

2nd and 4th Thursday - GrooveTronX at Halcyon -- 1414 S. Alamo, San Antonio, 9pm

3rd Friday - GrooveTronX at Halcyon -- 1414 S. Alamo, San Antonio, 10pm

Artists & Bands

GrooveTronX: Nu Jazz

Noah Peterson: Saxophonist and composer

O.M.N.I:  Recording collaboration of ear candy

River Barons:  South Texas Rock and Roll.

Rudi Harst: San Antonio Folk Artist and Singer/Songwriter

Solo Sax Session and I Sing the Sax Electric: An innovative, one-man avalanche of technology and music

West Kings Highway: 70s covers, rock and rock, adult contemporary music

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