News: 6/10  Got a new weekly residency.

Wednesday Night Looper's Delight - 10pm at the J & O Cantina

1014 S. Presa, San Antonio


San Antonio Saxophonist, Composer and Loop Station Artist:

Noah Peterson


      Noah Peterson is a rare and authentic presence in music.  Noah's music is water for the soul; uplifting

and accessible.  It sings, it swings, it cries and it dreams.  Funky festivals of sound, down home grooves,

lovely ballads and sophisticated swank are on the menu every time. 

      Noah is a Cannonball Music endorsing artist and plays a Cannonball Falcon Alto Sax.  He also exclusively

plays Rico Royal reeds.

      The innovative and tech-heavy Solo Sax Sessions is an electrified, sax-a-loop-a-liscious

maelstrom of musical mayhem the likes of which you must see to believe.  This program is available

as an educational assembly program for schools: Imagine: Music!

       As always, my jazz groups are ready to serve up America's original art form hot and swinging.

We are Polite, Professional and Perfect for every occasion.

       Be sure to check the calendar dates and blog to keep up. And if you want a little more personal interaction;

 come join me on Facebook!  There's always performances happening, tours being planned, loop festivals, new

recordings, videos on youtube and more!  I'm always for hire for performances, composition, producing and more.

If you have musical needs, I'd be happy to help.



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